Photos, prints

Loose photos scanned from 5 pence each for standard 6 inch x 4 inch prints, or ‘enprint’ in old terms!

Slides, ‘Transparencies’

Slides – they can provide fabulously rich images.


If you’re lucky enough to have kept the old negatives that came back from the developers with your prints, we can scan them too


Paperwork de-cluttered!

Piles of paperwork are a bind.  And not just at work.  Just think about the last time you tried to find something … and couldn’t: that favourite recipe, Louisa’s first story, your CV, for example?


Digitalshoebox will let you watch those old family videos from just 10 for a VHS video

Cine film

Digitalshoebox will rejuvenate your cine file from just 1 per foot


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