FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will my order take?
    • Most orders are completed within FIVE WORKING DAYS of their safe arrival in our lab.
    • Larger or more complex orders may take longer.  And at busy times, we ask you to be a little bit more patient!
    • Our AVERAGE turnaround times are:
    • Loose photos
      under 200: 48 hours
      Over 200 we will agree a delivery date
    • Photo albums
      under 200: 5 days
      Over 200 we will agree a delivery date
    • Slides and film
      Normally 5 - 10 working days.
      1000+ slides and frames may take a little longer.
    • Documents
      Under 200: 5 days
      Over 200 we will agree a delivery date
    • At especially busy times such as Christmas and Summer Holidays we will get in touch with an estimate of how long your order will take.  If you have specific requirements please let us know when you place your order and we will do everything we can to meet your deadline.
    • What happens to my photos, slides and films?
      • All your original photos, albums and films us will be returned to you.
    • What happens to my original documents?
      • We normally return your originals to you, but if you do not want them back we can arrange for them to be securely shredded. There will be a change for this.
    • Will my originals be secure?
      • Digitalshoebox takes the greatest care of its customers’ orders.  Your photos and films will be securely stored while they’re with us.
      • Your order will be processed by skilled technicians using quality processes. We will not pass you items to any third party nor publish them in any way without your express permission.
    • How does cloud storage work?
    • Do you scan in order?
      • Yes. If you send us your photos or documents in batches <bundles?>, we’ll process them in that order and store the files in individual folders for your convenience.
      • If you securely label your batches/bundles, we will use that term to name the scan folder.  WITHOUT a label, your batches will be labelled with your name and sequential numbering …
      • If your items are in albums we will return them to the same albums. <remove and replace by hand??>
      • Unusually large, small or odd shaped photos may be placed to one side and scanned separately.
      • What file format do you use?
        Industry standard JPEGs for photos. PDFs for documents.
    • Digitalshoebox is a small media scanning service, run by enthusiasts in Purley, Surrey.  We started scanning our own photos and slides and decided to offer the same service to customers, when we realised how great it is to have bright images on tap for the whole family to enjoy.  Our Managing Director has also had a long career in IT, specialising in image databases  and mobile devices.  Naturally, we are also keen photographers!

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