1. Paperwork de-cluttered!
    2. Piles of paperwork are a bind.  And not just at work.  Just think about the last time you tried to find something … and couldn’t: that favourite recipe, Louisa’s first story, your CV, for example?
    3. From 5 pence per sheet! Digitalshoebox’s Documents service can let you have your piles of paperwork back as fully-searchable computer files from just 15 pence per sheet.
    4. Fully-searchable means that your PC will be able to find any printed text in any and all your paperwork.
    5. Fully-searchable means you get back your documents as standard PDF (Portable Document Format) files that can be opened on any PC. It also means you can find anything – that recipe, for example – just by using a term you know is in there.
    6. Digitalshoebox will organise your work in folders that you specify, using the folder names you give us.
    7. Digitalshoebox isn’t just about de-cluttering – it’s about giving you quick and easy access to all your personal or business paperwork.
    8. You’ll be back in control!
    9. Colour, black and white, graphic images or line drawings – no problem! (Please remember, though, that you won’t be able to search your documents in the same way for images as you will for text.)


Please see our prices here.

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