Photos, prints

    • Loose Photos scanned from 5 pence each for standard 6 inch x 4 inch prints, or ‘enprint’ in old terms!
    • Digitalshoebox professionally scans your photos to a range of media, including USB drives, DVDs and Cloud secure storage
    • Loose photos or photo albums, scanned up A3 size.
    • High quality is standard at Digitalshoebox!  We scan at 600 dots per inch (DPI) for no extra charge, to do your photos justice.
    • Your images will be supplied as easily-accessible JPEG files so you can view on the widest range of devices
    • All printed images scanned.  If it’s printed - we'll scan it!
    • Digitalshoebox loves photo albums! We can scan them complete, page by page, to preserve their original feel.  Or we can scan each print individually.  It’s your choice.
    • With Digitalshoebox it’s all sorted – your images will be returned with individual file names, organised into folders, so you can relate them to your original album.
    • If you want your photos scanned individually, you'll get them back from us in the order they were in the original album.  If you want us to use a file name you create … just say!
    • You can open and edit Digitalshoebox files in all popular photo editing applications, if you fancy having a go at tidying up your pix.  Remember to keep your Digitalshoebox DVD though, in case you prefer the original images.


Please see our prices here.

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